Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

5 day holiday(2nd-5th April)

All students long holidaying and count down the days ever since they saw the list on the calendar. Many maneuver plethora of activities for this holiday before hand. Some prefer trip while for some they prefer movie and so on. Most Indian comrades they go home. But we, the Bhutanese folks, unlike most of the other times this time no body went out all were restricted to campus only. And, five long days are too less to make to and fro journey from our home land either, so no alternative other than loafing in the campus.
Internet stars when it comes to disposing boredom. Every body imprisons to their 4walls of room and no body is seen out until meal time. I too was in this category only I too stayed inside my room only surfing net whole day. Sometimes I chatted and sometimes I visited social networking sites and so on. With these activities I sensed that days moved faster. And more over the heat outside was pretty sweltering. This instigated me to stay inside the room only surfing and sleeping. Two days passed some how with these monotonous routines.
The 3rd day was quite interesting we had dry picnic. We made Bhutanese dishes and went out from the campus. It was only towards dusk we could go out from the campus. We tried right from morning itself but we could not as climate was damn hot. It was very difficult to walk even can’t imagine the picnic. Another last two days got over swiftly with monotonous routines of first two days.
When our holiday kicked off with ‘good Friday’ I was worried how I would get through five long days but I was wrong to think that way. I did not trouble even a bit to get through I felt the days went by so fast but I did not realize what pushed me to think that way. The saddest part of this holiday is  I did not work on even a word for my assignment. Till then let’s strive from now on then. Holiday is already over now.


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