Saturday, February 12, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Adieu to Surprise Test

What the fuck we have tomorrow?, we have been cussing in every surprise test for last four years as name of the test itself fathomable that surprise test means schedule less test. Students are mandated to study all subjects together just for one paper next day. They should ready for next day to face any paper otherwise just blindly predicting and restricting to one subject if it does not come next day then it’s gone! Sure big chance to land either in helpless abode of zeros or at the most in ones. So much discretion to examination committed. They give which ever paper they wish and prefer which at the end torments many in ones and zeros without even the bare minimum pass mark.
Whatever may be this time was last one. It’s over now. I know as long as my life goes and learning goes I definitely have to face gamut of exams ahead but no more surprise it’s surely going to be scheduled ones. In four years we have had eight surprise tests once in every semester. Yes as I went on facing semester after semester somehow naturally I got adapted with it. Still then especially when the syllabus was too vast just for 10 marks paper forget about other four subjects a day was barely enough to cover even one subject, so it was sometimes really exasperating. I don’t know for what good purpose they introduced such test. But no doubt one day this will definitely lead to unfurl and cherish my college days memories..
Finally adieu to surprise test but no other tests. I will have many other exams alike in another two semesters but scheduled ones. No more surprises at least from tests. So excited I’m………
Good Bye surprise test. All the best, Have some mercy on our junior batches and treat them kindly…..


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