Wednesday, March 2, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI


Today my daily classes are off. For some reason our University declared holiday. We get days of holiday very often here. But I don’t remember in last four years whether I even bothered at least once on any of the holidays to know the reason behind declaring it. No I did not bother at all. Save few important holidays like Independence Day of India, Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day and Republic day of India in other holidays I don’t know why my conscience never evokes to bother the reason behind it, could be because being in foreign land. All I care at times is the holiday not the reason behind it. Though I’m away here in foreign land miles away from home but I still remember the Bhutanese holidays timely and reason behind the holidays also, though we do not get her on such days. I’m away from home land but deep within still a Bhutanese folk.
Today is no different than other days. I don’t know why today is holiday. I remember when I was asked why holiday?, I told I don’t know then simply they broke into chuckles. But I did not fail to justify my say I said how I can know the reason behind holiday we get it  very often for many reasons which some are so difficult even to pronounce also.
Whatever may be I feel today is really a holiday for me otherwise if I ‘have some work then I don’t consider really a holiday on holiday. All rough draft submissions are almost done. Mid Semester exam is not very far away but not yet time for preparation, So really a holiday then…


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