Saturday, May 4, 2013 | By: CHIMI DORJI

A picnic with His Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen at Parizampa

As HM promised during his visit to RIM we had a picnic today at Parizampa. We the RIM Trainees and Faculties were blessed and fortunate to have a golden opportunity to have such a great picnic with His Majesty and Her Majesty. It was really a great and fulfilling day ever in my life. How happily our Majesties down to earth interact with trainees and faculties. HM with beautiful smile cracking so many jokes walked around and interacted with us the every now and then. He spent his precious time with us about 4 hours. Right after yummy lunch there was a few cultural items and games presented from RIM fraternity.

The way HM holds Her majesty the queen’s hand shows how much they are committed and in love to each other. It also shows how strong their bond is and how much they are mean to each other.  How beautifully and lovely they hold hands and walk together. No matter whether they sit or walk they never part their hands. They just sit holding hands each other. It’s clear how much Her Majesty cares our beloved King. Really liked their love and no doubt their wedding was made in heaven only.

It was sunny in the morning but towards mid day the sun was slipping away. Luckily weather favored us despite becoming quite dark about to rain but it did not and happily ended our picnic. After ending the program when the HM and Her Majesty were about to see off His Majesty made a point to speak for a while for everyone. He said when he watched those cultural programs he became emotional realizing that our country is special country and special because we have a special people and such special culture which makes country special . He also said,   "When ever I visited Schools across the country i always used to ask those students who were, back then, just kids whether they would be able to serve the country? Proudly on top their voice they would nod ‘yes’ and today I’m very much delighted to see those kids grown up and come to this stage where I can meet them and interact them. Those kids were you all and having reached to this level is the greatest achievement you have made in your life. Study hard, I pray may we meet for such occasion again and again in the days to come”

We had a wonderful day. No doubt it will be cherished as one of my greatest and most fulfilling day ever in my life. We Thank Your Majesties for you granting such a great life time opportunity to us. Long live your majesties always!


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