Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

BSA (Bhutan Students Association)meets for Dawadangpa Losar

However we are close or near to each other it’s very difficult to meet each other, keeping one way or other always engaged in our own way, unless propelled by inevitable circumstances. Bhutan Student Association (BSA) own by four executive members was born to bridge this gap of Bhutanese Students overseas who are for studies and more importantly to prove and flaunt to the world that Bhutanese culture is the inherent quality of every Bhutanese fellow and not forgotten wherever we go. Without such association overseas it would be too disgraceful for not being able to notice Bhutanese fellow even next to your door. So, BSA pulls all Bhutanese students together at least once in a year to mark Bhutanese festivals, during which many get to meet their friends who have been lost without met for ages.
As far as BSA at my place is concerned we get together twice in a year, on Thrue Baab and Dawa Dang pa Losar. When it is very thorny to meet even two people’s convenience together on the same day, what to say about meeting of 80-90 peoples’ convenience together on the same day!, it’s very difficult. Bhutanese festivals rarely fall either on week ends or either of the holidays we get here, as a result to mark on actual day becomes unfeasible. So we celebrate normally on week ends if it falls on our working days. This year though Dawa Dangpa Losar was on Sunday (14th February) but as we had exam on Monday just a day after the actual day of Losar, so we gathered on Saturday (13th February) for the same.
The day was maneuvered to be spent with gamut of activities no lesser than what we used to do back in home land. Both undergraduates and masters students from different colleges and universities dressed in best of their attires gathered to kick off the first program of the day, to have lunch. With lunch all were energized to move to another program of the day, the football match, which was the main program of the day. There were four teams. Under a sweltering sun all team toiled best of their ability to notch up as many goals as they could to get the little price. All teams’ best effort with a desire to legally snatch the little price vanished in the air when our college team beat all three teams and took the price. By the time football match was over the day was already turned to dusk.
After football match all gathered for election of new BSA executive members as the year long tenure for old executive members was over. The election was done for four executive members, president, vice president, general secretary and treasurer. This was done within an hour. After election all executives’ members, one by one, both new and outgoing were let to address the gathering. After this, the night program which consisted of cultural programs and hip hop dances was started together with drinks. Few group dances lasted an hour which was then followed by couple dance.
For sometime hall turned to discotheque with music on the top of everything and everybody dancing. Dance was halted for dinner and after dinner it was already 11.pm then. Every body rushed to wrap up the program. Finally with Tashi Labae, the celebration ended. After Tashi Labae every body dispersed to their respective colleges with contentment that they had fun and enjoyment not lesser than what they would have  had they been back in homeland.


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