Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

The Surprise Test

Since the day I was told about this odd exam called ‘surprise test’ that I have to give every first month of every semester, I was never left in peace from wondering that whose brandchild it was and for what greater purpose it was brought into our curriculum? Does any other university also conduct this sort of test? It’s been three years living with this exam now but till date I don’t have any idea whether any other university anywhere in the world has similar system like ours. My ‘frog in the pound’s knowledge would be too less to conclude that there is no university other than ours' which has such a  system, nevertheless, at least  from  the universities I know, I would admit that there is no such system. What ever may be, this is really a unique test, a schedule-less test, that has immense ability to screw the students to the extent of lamenting that if they are ever given chance to choose either of electric shock or surprise test shock they would go for electric shock.

This time is the 6th time I’m appearing and yeah! Compare to first time I’m bit adapted with it. I vividly remember how it has screwed us in the very first month of first semester when we were struggling to get rid of our nostalgic ridden heart. At least, University prescribes limitation period during which, by any means, this test should get over. Unlike previous years this year they have reduced the period to one week and accordingly eased the students. Though the nature of test demands to get prepared all subjects together as they would not know which subject they would get next day but it’s very difficult to study all subjects together, so  many students take risk and go for predication only to find next day just topsy-turvy, not what they predicted, and as a result many land up in zeros. This time it happened to me it was cumbersome to study all subjects together so I took risk and left one subject simply by flipping few pages only to find next day the same subject which I barely touched the previous day. But, thank god! At least there was a question from what I’ have flipped few pages the previous day. It’s for sure I won’t get good mark but at least I saved zero…and more over every mistake is a great teacher. I won’t make same blunder in coming semesters.


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