Friday, July 22, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Suicide; is it the only last remedy left in this world? Why not resort to other remedies?

We the human beings on the earth are considered as one of the six realms of rebirth which is only the most possible realm for attaining nirvana. Though being as human being is not in nirvana which is just an en route for attaining nirvana, however still I feel we are so fortunate for having blessed with the proper human life which is so precious than anything else. Many in other realms of rebirth must be craving desperately in need of human life which is so difficult to happen unless be a luckiest of the luckiest that is also only after many years of horrible suffering. Out of hundreds and thousands of creatures in other realms the benevolent god granted our lives to be humans which could be just one time gift. So, being human itself it gives an enough consolation and reason to be invariably happy and proud of even if we don’t have enough material or intellectual wealth as humans to be happy and proud of.
No doubt, having gotten the proper human life without any defect we rejoice with pride and pleasure. Then, what do we care and afraid of losing the most other than life? Everyone knows how important and precious is life which is why we always, of all other things, we care life the most and afraid the most of losing life. When worst happens to life people lament to the extent that ‘life sucks, ‘I’m so unfortunate human on this earth’, ‘I hate life’ and so on. But this happens to everybody given the fact that life is always subject to ups and downs. This does not go beyond our lips. It withers away within our lips only. But not same for everybody, for some people they really mean it. They go beyond their words of hating life with real action.
I don’t know why people hate life to the extent of resorting to real action of killing oneself when there is plethora of remedies available besides killing oneself no matter however grave the circumstances could be that lead to resort such a worst of the worst remedy. Life, as a precious gift from god is supposed to surrender only if god takes away himself in which case it is inevitable which every human being is subjected to. The only difference is matter of time, one day or other naturally we are bond to surrender if god takes away. But killing oneself is too much to parents, relatives and society at large. Even some say that such people don’t deserve proper funeral rites also. From religious point of view, we Buddhist believe that committing suicide is a sin and there are many other beliefs behind this. From legal point of view also, though committing suicide is not crime but attempt to commit is a crime.
I’ was really disturbed when I came across three suicide cases consecutively last month within two weeks in my village. As far as I remember I did not see any such incident before in my village, this was first time I saw in our village though I heard many such cases in other parts of Bhutan. Of three cases two succeeded but one failed and escaped the death. It seemed a rope from which she hanged and jumped was not that strong. As she hanged and jumped from one of the branches of tree the rope could not resist the force of her weight so the rope frayed and she escaped with minor injuries. Another one was a student in plus one standard.
I don’t know what prompted him to suicide. He was found hanged himself behind his dormitory with his kera. He was by nature very good and industrious person who would not have ever resorted to such act. As a student he might have lots of dreams and aspiration pursuing which in 10 years of his education he might have gone through lots of hardship that every villager’s son as a student goes through. He might have experienced hell lot of trouble in walking to and from the school in rain and in the sweltering sun thinking that one day he would not have to suffer like his parents back in the village in between the oxen and with spats until doomsday. His parents might have tried every possible way to send him school with at least basic necessities by providing whatever they have if they have and if they don’t have enough then lending from others and if they don’t get from lending then disposing little wealth they have or if they don’t have anything to dispose then earning through working for others for months. But not only his parents, during his vacations most of the time he used to be found in the forest and away from home working just to meet his schooling expenses. But sadly all his 10 years effort turned to meaningless and blown off himself uselessly neither helpful to the ones alive and nor to himself rather a blow to parents and society. Whatever, he might have acted what he was destined for. So, that must have been his fate.
The other one was a village girl who phoned almost all her friends from the tree where she hanged that she was committing suicide. When one of her friends went to safe her she jumped off the moment she saw her friend coming and her friend could not safe it. So, people suicide as if they are going for vacation and would come back after some months. Everyone’s life is subject to ups and downs but when there is worst downs in life it does not mean that suicide is only last remedy.  There is always better way out, at least better than suicide. I pray for all of them that, may their souls rest in eternal peace!!.


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