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My bike accident exprience

It was only in 2007 I could breakthrough my long waited dream of visiting Thimphu for the first time ever. Until then back in the school we used to mock each other that we haven’t been to Thimphu for last so and so years (based on our age) which means we have not been to Thimphu ever since our birth.
I was for orientation after completing plus two. By the time all selections interviews for both in country tertiary education as well as ex-country scholarships were over it was already spring then. I would have been around three months in Thimphu. Still newbie in Thimphu. I could barely locate the favorite visiting hubs of Thimphu because of which I had to confine most of time at home before television.
How beautiful is Bhutan especially in spring with green environment and full of varied colours of flowers blooming all over Bhutan. Thimphu, being capital far better than all other places surrounded with apple buds and flowers especially in spring. At least to newbie like me I could view so beautifully. That time I did not know that Sang Gang is a rendezvous for love birds as well as favorite place for people to have bird’s eye view of Thimphu town.
Timely, few days before I left for home, let’s go to Sangay Gang ’, my friend phoned me on one of the weekends, to which I agreed blindly without knowing where that place could be.
After some time he came to pick me up with his bike. Through Zelukha with one of his friend we were heading to Sangay Gang. I was riding with him on his bike but his friend was alone on his bike who was speeding ahead of us. We were following him at a normal pace, not that speedy. By the time we crossed the crossroad that leads, one way to Motithang and other to Sangay Gang, his friend was nowhere seen, far ahead of us. We were speeding then.
Just before reaching the zoo where there is sign board about Takins, from seeable distance of that board, there is one small right turning while going towards Sangay Gang. We were wending through this turning. Meanwhile he was talking with me every now and then turning back at me which he was not supposed do it. And also while we were going up we were supposed to be on left side. But we were heading on right side of the road.
As we moved on and about to cross that turning, my friend was still talking with me side by side. By the time we crossed that turning it was already late. The Maruti car from the opposite side was already close to us from the right side of the road. We did not see the Maruti Car coming as we were busy talking as well as travelling. As we were on wrong side, seeing Maruti car very close my friend did not do anything. He was confused, he went on same side but Maruti car tried to go left side but no way to safe, it was very close. Instead of pressing brake the Maruti car driver pressed accelerator. As a result we were knocked down and thrown to right side  of the road. Fortunately, not thrown to left side of road. If it had we would have gone off the road.
By the time I realized that we were thrown by a car I was lying on right side of the road. Thank God! It was not against the wall. I could see the car about to veer off the road but that small rock safe it. Our bike was crushed especially front part. It was lying with leaking the patrol and with patrol stains on the right side of the road. My friend was also sitting with blood stains on his right leg.
I checked out all my limbs but it was all stable except with few scratches. I tried to stand up but I could not lift my right hand properly. Then I saw my right hand was hurt.
I looked at the car. With almost dead face, with full of annoyance expression, a middle aged monk and a gorgeous girl of early twenties slowly came out of the car. They looked below the road and seeing quite steep I saw them sighing, Oh god!!.If there was no rock surely they would have been either injured gravely or died.
Being Sunday, by the time we all came outside the road there were many cars lined up from both the directions. What happen?, many asked. As if nothing happened we dragged the bike aside and cleared the road for traffic.
You were on wrong side, you have to repair my bike,  my friend demanded..
 No, you were on wrong side, I was on my side, the monk reacted back.  Fuss went on for some time. But luckily no traffic officers were turned up.
The monk admitted that the girl was driving the car without license .Actually she was learning driving and the monk was guiding her which is why he did not want to call traffic police. He was afraid he would be fined if my friend calls police. But he did not know my friend did not have license too. He did not mention anything about license. He was afraid only because of the girl was driving the car.
My friend went on insisting him to repair his bike. I knew it we were on wrong site and it was our fault. But I did not say anything. I was troubling a lot with pain on my right hand. I did not care about his bike. I was just sitting on the pavement. The monk was arguing a lot but the girl was silent she was still frightened and she did not say anything. But she was beautiful. When they were having hot debate I was laboring with so much pain but still then I did not spare to look at that girl. So cute, she was. Guys’ eyes so crazy.
After much argument the monk finally agreed to bear 50 % of repairing cost of his bike.
After that we dispersed .My friend and I went to hospital. His leg was severally hurt. If there was no helmet on our heads I don’t know what would have our heads been up to..
That day was on 1st April, 2007, fool’s day. But, had we been crushed to dead that would not have been worked as a fool’s day. We were not fooling each other it was a accident, no intention.
Latter only I came to know that most of the Thimphu residents go to Sangay Gang for learning driving.
Today I still fear to  ride  on two wheelers. Still then sometimes I ride it, as some say that if we were to die then we‘ll die even if we stay within four walls of our room..But I ride with care and cautious always………..


Anonymous said...

Ata, I didn't know you have a blog too. Thanks for following mine and that's how I came to know about yours. Nice post. Thank God you weren't killed in the accident and no major damage was done to life on either party.
You seem to have been relived of your pain because of that beautiful girl, LOL. Keep posting. I shall be a regular reader...

chimi Dorji said...

Just timepass brother. Last time itself i have been trying to follow your blog but the moment i click that 'JOin this site' button my browser stops responding . Finally it worked now.After that accident, for next few days I had tough time with my hand paining so much. After a week it was ok.
On top of my eyes so sensitive the girl was so cute , there i could not control even when i was undergoing such a pain...but today my eyes are no more sensitive, it has become so no more works to dectect it lol....
lol.........Nways thanks for following and reading ...check out Ata Gyelpos blog as son of lesser gods voice on right side bar here, if you not found yet....

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