Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

My Royal Wedding Prayers

Peoples’ most awaited moment ever,

Peoples’ most favorite moment ever,

Peoples’ most desired moment ever,

Peoples’ happiest moment ever,

Peoples’ happiest news ever,

Country’s most historic moment ever,


Your majesties, our beloved king and the angelic queen,

May thy wedding be a seed

 Of growing happiness, peace,

 Sovereignty, independence,

Security, and unprecedented

Development, in the country

Ever higher and higher.

May thy wedding be a seed of

Lengthening your life ever longer.

May thy wedding be a seed of

Growing your security ever stronger.

May thy weeding be a seed of protectecting

Your body and mind ever stronger .

May thy weeding be a seed

Of growing your speech everlasting. 

May thy wedding be a seed

of flourishing, your kind, eminent,

And compassionate, and unprecedented

Deeds, ever higher and higher.

May thy weeding be a seed of growging

Peoples’ commitment to Tsa-wa- sum

Ever higher and higher.

I, miles and miles away, from foreign land,

Yet with true prayers and wishes,

With my head over your heel,

With utmost heartfelt happiness

And jubilation, wholeheartedly

Wishing your Majesties,

A very very Happy Wedding.

Pelden Drukpa Gye lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sangay Pelzang said...

I joing along with you to wish their Majesties the HAPPY ROYAL WEDDING.
Let thier union be a promise to continuity of Wangchuk dynasty, we people
will be ever happy to see the royal lineage continuing. PELDEN DRUKPA GYELO.
I also thought dedeicate an article on this occasion but then the exam schedule
is keeping me tight.

Chimi Dorji said...

Mine also coming soon...All the best for your exam.....Once again my wishes,Happy ROyal wedding!!!!!!!!!

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