Saturday, April 16, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Do i miss you?

Every time instead of ‘Hello’, ‘Miss you’, she hails
Miss you too’ reciprocate I, but
Deep down within every time on reciprocation
I ask myself, do I really miss you? How?

What kind of feeling and of what magnitude
Can be sufficient for feeling of candidly missing you?
The feeling which I owned ever since I saw you
Is it fit to call as feeling of genuinely missing you?
 As immortal days move on and on without an end
I would keep on wondering for answer until days find its end

I don’t know what feeling can be fit for as candid feeling
But trust me I have my own share of feeling for you
Do not know whether it can fit to call as genuine feeling of missing you
 I have feeling which was not born inherently
But planted permanently by you which functions automatically

Being we, miles away parted by boundless plains
And gigantic endless hills, every morning
As drawn opens the day I see myself so lonely
And inhumanly stirred by alarm voice
I land up wishing every morning
That how interesting and enjoyable it would be
If instead of alarm voice I hear your beautiful voice

Readying for class I walk to the mess for breakfast
Only to disappoint with monotonous breakfast
Nevertheless, the hunger makes the way to have a bite
How sadly I’m compelled to witness the couples
Sitting in opposite direction face to face
Munching the breakfast so happily irrespective of the quality
How many times I have to wish until I see you
If you’re are next to me I would forget the quality of breakfast

 As I lonely tread to class I could see many couples together
Walking hand to hand which flashes vividly our togetherness moments
If we were the one how interesting it would be
The class goes on then, couples sit together
But I lonely adjusted at the side
In pretext of listening I try my physical presence
But deep within who would have known
I land up every day in different world
The world where I can see everything you do
At least in class I try to forget you
Given the importance of class
But sadly it does not work at all
Rather it automatically flows
And lost watching you travelling in my mind then

Once again after class so lonely I tread back to hostel
After having lunch singly and
As sun tries to doze off and paves the way for moon
Down outside our university gate
When I singly walk I could see others in pairs
Arm to arm walking so happily, but
I wish at least you appear together with the moon
So that instead I again watching others in pairs
Walking in the University campus, we‘ll make a
Romantic stroll ever down the lane after dinner

 Like as if ‘you’ and ‘you only’ are my anatomy
You functions whole day in my body
And after carrying whole day ‘only you’ in my mind
Finally a time comes to retire for night
As I doze off still you in my mind
I do not know when I completely doze off
But still in slumber you appear and as dawns breaks
Another new day, again automatically
You in my mind and wishes continue in same form
And will continue until I see you and materialize my wishes
I never leave you for twenty four hours then
Yes, I do miss you really in my own way…..


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