Sunday, April 10, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Recruitment finally...

Today the first thing that most couple would prefer after their wedlock is conception. After conception married couples would eagerly wait to see their first child and become parents. After having a kid then all they plan is about the welfare of their kid. Of all concerns about the kid the most important is about the education. Every parents perturb about the education of their kids, how far they would be able to educate their kids .So ,they do everything for making their kid literate and responsible human being. Three year toddler is actually too young to be in school instead he is just of age to still enjoy on mother’s lap happily on breast feeding. But who cares?, everybody prefer early education and early graduation. We spend almost couple of decades for education which could be around almost half of our life in education. Why do we study for all these long years? This strikes my mind very often especially when I have to toil days reeling my head with examinations, assignments, presentation and so on and so forth. Some would say we study for knowledge and some would say for job. Whatever rationale behind could be at the end it reduces to just one thing, for job. For getting job we have to spend almost half of our life and then we have to go on hunting jobs with little knowledge we secured from almost 20 years of education.
Finally after treading long way of education I think some of my class mates are almost at their destination. Though we have another year for graduation but as many firms have trend of recruiting students just eve of their final year, I could see many of my mates warming up for interviews which is happening very soon. Unlike other times this time when they heard recruitment I saw many of their eyelids and heads were raising with extra caution which means they all know how important it is. In any case they  all are set to grasp it and enjoy the fruits of all these toiling  years of education . I wish them Very best of luck, May god be with them!!


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