Friday, September 23, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Blessed Rainy Day in the foreign land ..

Today i missed you terribly
It’s been almost a decade since I last made to home for this day. Still then, I have not forgotten those awesome moments I have had with my parents and villagers on this day whenever I made to home. I vividly remember everything. I find no better and happier place other than the sweet home to mark this day. Sadly, being already away from home in the foreign land makes the worst; no holiday and no leave either. Somehow we have to adjust ourselves to mark the day in whatever little way we could.  No matter however busy we may be here we never let off the Bhutanese special days like any other normal days we always make a point to  celebrate it, although it may not be as grant and enjoyable as we would have ,had we were in Bhutan.

I miss you ..

This morning when my sister phoned me that all my brothers and sisters are at home from School and I’m the only the one absent, I could not control to get mentally sick of missing from their circle and wanted to be together with them.  If I were at home today by this time I would have been busy on the archery ground with my village folks. Come next blessed rainy day I may make it to home to be with them. If not in home it’s for sure I’ll be within Bhutan, at least.
Today I broke my habit of waking up late. To catch blessed rain for one reason and to prepare Thukpa(porridge) for another major reason , I woke up at 6.a.m.We did not want to simply let off the very special  day with just monotonous Indian dishes. At least we did not want to miss our special breakfast which we usually take especially during our special days, the THUKPA and SUJA. So, we all agreed to gather in the mess and have THUKPA and SUJA.   Accordingly we came to consensus that our five girls would make SUJA and we the eight boys would make THUKPA. For THUKPA preparation it was solely entrusted to me because of this responsibility I had to wake up at unlike other days.
After boiling the rice for about one and half hour finally I got the THUKPA ready for sipping. With all my effort and little knowledge I have for preparation I tried my best to make as yummy as possible despite we could not get all necessary ingredients. As agreed yesterday, at 7.30am, with THUKPA from boys’ side and with SUJA and ZAO from girls’ side, we gathered in our college mess to kick off the celebration.
With all 13 of us  gathered in the mess(like  one of the families back in Bhutan gather for this day) sitting in two rows facing each other,  I wished them all ‘Tashi Delek for the Blessed Rainy Day’ and like me as others wishes each other we proceeded to sipping of SUJA with ZAO and THUKPA . We continued sipping and sipping until pots were empty. But sadly right after this we had to rush for class. So boring, the class on Blessed Rainy Day!!!
For lunch also we would have loved to prepare our Bhutanese dishes and take it  together but we had class there was no way. Even we could not plan to go out for lunch all together. For some of them they had afternoon class. Only our batch did not have after noon class. So, four of us could manage to go for out for lunch. With this simple lunch outside ended our celebration for this year’s Blessed Rainy Day…..
By this time back in my village many must be already drunk. I wish their day ends well so happily without any fuss, fight, and violence.
Hope blessed rain must have washed away all of your sins.
Hope blessed rain was the rain of peace and happiness
Hope all of you had a, happy, awesome, and great day
Of all, I miss you my beloved parents!!!!!!
Mentally I was with you all for whole day today
Hope all of you enjoyed the Thre Baab!!!!!!!!


Sangay Pelzang said...

Nice post wai. I think your celebration was far better than mine. Here for us, the day was such a dry welcome, nothing separate plan we could arrange since we being very little in number. Any ways at evening I along with two of my bhutanese friend went to intoxicate with beer, to mark the celebration in a simple way.
Same as you hope to be in Bhutan or with family by this time of next year, I too hope for the same, it has been several years without parents gracing on this occasion.
Happy belated Thre Baab!

Chimi Dorji said...

your celebration was also not bad man!lets hope it that we land up together in Thimphu in the Next THre bab, ..
from my side also Happy belated Thre baab!!..

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