Monday, September 12, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

To Exam

It’s been quite some time since I last met you
Albeit, I hate to say I hate you, but I really hate you
Sorry! It is an indisputable fact, you don’t deserve
Better description than ‘I hate you’
You must be always proud off
For you the king of testing our learning
You rule all learners in learning on everything
Irrespective of race, caste, sex, status, colour
All people as students have to pass through you
No other way to climb higher echelon
Of the education ladder without passing you
As long as learning goes you won’t leave us 
You will come and keep on screwing us.

 You are the most toughest and hatred
Bridgeless River, Sometimes you swell
And sometimes you shrink, but
You give same hardship and trouble
No matter you swell or shrink.
You let through only well practiced swimmers
Never let through amateur swimmers,
No miracle for amateurs without thorough practice
You are such a rude and ruthless river
And if ever given choice, all will abandon
You and turn their back on you
You make us practice swimming hell lot
Practicing takes away all our, freedom, appetite
And sleep, even after days of practice, sometimes,
Still you let us drowned, some even suicides
Because of you being so cruel and harsh
When you fail to let through after days of practice
Indirectly you are the ruthless murderer
For the same reason many are into hopeless state
And for consolation they are into what not things
You give charm as well spoil the very charm of life
You spoil many lives, such a ruthless you are!

 Sacrificing my free time for past few days
I have been practicing swimming vigorously
I’m coming tomorrow to cross you
Bestow me courage and don’t let my effort
Go down the drain,
Don’t let me down with drowning
Be gentle and kind to me
Don’t show your hard and sharp
Iron hands and prick me, otherwise
I can’t cross you successfully  
Have mercy on me for next three days
I’m coming!


Leoparsica said...

nice one,,,,
Best wishes for your exam man.

Chimi Dorji said...

Thx leo

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