Saturday, September 3, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Now BBS TV Live online –watching makes me nostalgic

I’m not sure how long BBS TV Live has been online. It seems it’s been just introduced recently as  a trial. It clearly states “BBS TV live (testing)”.And also, none of  my friends  knew about it .At least some my friends here  must have known before  the time I  knew it  had this was not introduced recently, but none of them knew it. I found out accidently few days ago when I read updates of BBS news. Then and there I disseminate to my friends here. I did it out of my sheer excitement and shock that even miles and miles away from homeland we can,  not only read the daily updates but also we can see BBS TV live, same like  being back in Bhutan.
Watching live online here  definitely makes me nostalgic. I feel like I’m back in Bhutan. May not be I alone who feels this way, every Bhutanese outside Bhutan, if happens to watch, would stand by my feeling. To me, reading live updates does not make nostalgic but watching something live, the daily updates back in Bhutan, pricks my heart with nostalgic feeling. Above all, hail to BBS people. I feel Bhutan is no more far behind in everything, it’s slowly rising with everything. Few years ago when I came here for the first time there was no online radio and no updates were published in Dzongkha either. It was only in English. But now, to some extent, every specialty back in homeland is made available online. Not a big problem even if we are away.
The moment I knew about the BBS TV live online the most terrible remorse that came to my mind was that I missed Druk Superstar final, but BBS  may not have installed this feature at that point of time. The next thing that came to my mind was that the most exciting and memorable live show that is yet to come, The Royal Wedding. I think I’m not missing Royal Wedding. At least I can watch live online, although I may not reach in person to Changlingmethang like in Coronation.
Until now, in my 24 years of my life in this world I have neither seen nor attended even once also any of the Bhutanese formal marriage. What about you guys? I don’t know how Bhutanese formal marriage takes place. What all exchanges take place between bride and bridegroom? I don’t know all these. Offering Tashi Khadar s may not be one and only thing that takes place in the Bhutanese formal Marriage. I’m sure there may be many things taking place besides   offering  the Kha dar.
Come 13th October, i will be seeing for the first time ever the Bhutanese  formal marriage, that too the Royal Wedding.  No matter what, I won’t hesitate to bunk the classes and watch the Royal Wedding online live. Hope I get  strong net connection.


Sangay Pelzang said...

I also come to know that only after i read your update in facebook, it is very nice since BBS have launched the BBS TV LIVE. But then the net is bit slow here at my place i can't access that nicely.... Any ways as you have mentioned I am also much excited about the royal weeding, am also planning to watch it on that day either by bunking the class or taking leave....this new project of BBS has made people feel the air of Bhutan in alien lands...

Chimi Dorji said...

here too man, net, so irritating. Most of the time it's slow...Thanks bro,for your time and comment on this...godd nite

Leoparsica said...

Oh, I am not aware of that, any way, thanks for sharing the information. But sadly, my 2G mobile internet might not be able to pick up live telecast. And yet hoping to attend the Royal wedding back to Bhutan if ever our schedules go well. In 2008, we managed to get leave and attend the coronation ceremony back home. Dont get envious bro, lol.
Keep posting.

Chimi Dorji said...

In 2008, Coronation coincided with our vacation, So we too made it for the celebration but this time we will be late by around two weeks.We have vacation only in Nov. I'm surely envious of you going for celebration.For such a celebration, Who would not actually?.Hope eveything goes well and you make it as warm wishes for that.
Thanks for visiting and Keep visitng, that keeps me going and alive here..Good night ..

Sogyel Tobgyel said...

its wonderful effort......i have alrady missed so many live programmes which i should have watched...but now with this thing....i am hoping not to miss it.....

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