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An incomplete date with a beautiful stranger

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A mid day appeared almost like an evening because of the gloomy weather. It became quite dark. The wind blew so roughly and strongly. The trees along the road no more resisted the brunt of the speedy wind. I could see some trees were almost bare, neither leaves nor branches. Some trees were still struggling to survive swinging like a pendulum with their leaves shading continuously and branches breaking at every strong force of the wind.
I was standing on the road waiting for either cab or bus, whichever to come by. I waited almost an hour. But none of the cabs or buses was coming. After some time, I raised my right hand to stop every private car pass by me to hitch a ride until my destination. Sadly none of them were generous enough to stop and talk even, forget about offering the ride. They just turned blind eye to me when they saw me stopping them. No matter how many times I raised my hand it did not make any difference. I was really tired of raising my hand.
Completely, I lost hope for getting a ride. I was worried rain might come soon. I did not have umbrella. All I had was a small bag. There were no other possible alternatives other than making use of my two foots. I started to walk then.
I walked quite briskly thinking that rain might catch me before I reach to my destination. After covering almost a kilo meter, as I walked further and further I reached to a place from where, quite far off I could vaguely view the row of culverts along the road. I thought when I reach there I would sit and rest for some time. I tried walking rigorously further, despite my foots already started troubling with some pain wanting to take rest.
To my utter surprise and happiness, when I reached near that row of culverts I saw a girl sitting on one of the culverts with utmost hopelessness and with almost dead face. But to me, at least, the moment she saw me she greeted with sweet smile so attractively. Where are you going? ,I asked .
I’ve been waiting here for bus for almost an hour now but still the bus is not coming, she replied.
I sat on the culvert nearby by her and explained why I was walking all alone. ‘I’ too walked from home all alone since morning, I’m really tired’ she explained her part.
I was happy I got a friend but worried she might not agree to walk with me.
She was of my shoulders’ height in white complexion with blonde hair. With half kira she was looking so beautiful. Her face was so cute. My heart was already crazy looking at her side by side unknowingly.
I told her that we better walk instead of wasting time waiting for the bus which might not even come. I said if it comes we can stop on the way also. So, she was finally convinced and we started to walk . For some time she walked ahead of me and I followed her. From back I could see her hair fluttering like a flag in the air because of the wind. As she tried to arrange and put her hair in the right position with her two hands she looked back and gave a quit glance at me for which I returned with my sweet smile. No more I felt tired of walking but I felt tired of heaping the feelings. I was already drowned into her beauty. For sometime time we were walking without talking. But I gathered my guts and went ahead to start the conversation.
By then the wind was almost stopped but started drizzling. We talked on many topics. I made her laugh cracking funny jokes. We were already close friends then. Still no vehicle was coming but we were getting wet. As we walked further so interestingly, we came across a tree on the side of the road enough to shelter from drizzling. I offered to rest for sometime under that tree. She agreed and we went under that tree and sat facing below the road. We continued our chat. Chatting more and more made us closer in everything. After sometime I gained courage to embrace her also. I was sitting by  her left. I slowly raised my right hand and held her closer. You are looking beautiful, do you have beau?, I asked thinking that  it’s always safe to clear the way first and then proceed ahead . She smiled for some time and replied in a low voice, no.
I was happy then. I looked around if anybody was there. No one was there around. I checked out my ear whether I could hear any vehicle sound. It was completely silent. Then I prepared to declare my already overflowed feeling for her down in my heart. I held her further closer and tried to stammer I love you but,  I could not do it. First attempt was failed.  Again I tried. This time it was already on my tip of tongue. I was about to tell but from nowhere I heard an echo of a vehicle honking.
The echo was not that disturbing to stop me.  I was still determined to go ahead.  I was so engrossed and concentrated in embracing her. I would not have observed even if anyone was there around me. Finally there I held her further closer and went on slowly stammering..I…………The moment ‘I’ appeared from my mouth, PEPE..PEPE, a car honked right on my ear. It  was so loud and piercing that I was shaken and my right hand was parted from her and thrown against that tree. It was quite painful. That pain and piercing sound suddenly woke me so terribly. It was just a dream then. What a dream it was!! So sad I was when I knew it was just a dream and still I could not complete what I wanted to.
Actually my hand was thrown against the wall which I thought it was against a tree. I was sleeping facing the wall!.It was not a car honking right on my ear that frightened me but it was my ring tone,.. tse re tse..tse re tse.. beeping so loudly .
I thought it was my alarm sound but, no, it was a call from my friend who was already in the class. He was worried I was not there in the class. I rejected the call and checked out the time it was already 9.30 am. It was almost time to end the first hour class.Unlike last time  this time,day before yesterday, on Wednesday, I missed my first hour class attendance. Alarm, no matter how many times I time it , my sleep always wins……………………………


Sangay Pelzang said...

wow,,, what a twist! really enjoyed reading your
incomplete date. If dream comes true, then you will have make it a complete date...haha.

Chimi Dorji said...

yeah sure if my dream turns true i would not hesitate to complete what i left in complete in dream, lol..Thanks for your time on reading this..keep visiting ......

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