Thursday, September 15, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Exam over

The Mid semester examination is over now. I feel relief after I’m freed from a week engagement into studying and writing exam. Though it’s just a temporary relief, still then I feel my head light tensionless, at least for exam. Another big one, the end semester is coming soon. The big exam results big relief. We get to return back home after every end semester exam. The excitement to go home outweighs all tensions and worries for exam no matter how important could be the exam. It’s just  matter of a month. It is coming soon.
Unlike last four years this time we had only three papers. And also, this time we got to walk away without class after every paper. A small privilege for final years here. If we are not allowed to walk away also students won’t let to teach until last period barking at every professor ‘leave us early’.
Except today’s paper rest of the papers were okay, at least I’m expecting the pass mark. But today’s paper I doubt how far I would get even pass mark. ‘I don’t want to know what you know but I want to know what i have asked’ she warned us repeatedly before the exam. But who cares? How could I have left simply blank without writing anything even if I did not know the exact answer? I think for few questions I broke her warning. I had to write what I knew little about the subject not exactly what was asked. I tried hitting around the bush. I had a presumption that even if I write bullshit sometimes miracle would happen although it is very rare. Sometimes we get what was not expected and vice versa. So I believe results are not always proportionate to what we wrote in the paper. Luck also plays a role there. Hope my luck and miracle works this time otherwise I’m gone….


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