Saturday, March 13, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Mid Semester Exam on the horizon

Our every second semester  of  the  every academic year is very short but despite this it’s imbued with plethora of academic activities and mandates because of which we feel semester gets over in a wink. Since last exam we had it’s been not even a month and again another exam, the mid semester exam which is our second exam of the semester, is on the horizon, just one day away.
Who cares to study until eleventh hour? I reeled my head toiling round the clock for couple of days, nevertheless a long way to go, still left few chapters. But I’ve only a day left and I wonder how far a day will make a difference. I proceed  on and on,completing chapters and chapters but by the time I complete all chapters my tiny memory has already started losing whatever I’ve completed and already made his half way doing this, because of which sometimes I wish I’ve computer brain so that I wont lose already completed portions.
I strive  my best to complete the portions and perfect what ever I could no matter whether I get proportionate results or not. What I belief is that if I don’t study and flunk then surely remorse would follow because I would thought that  had I studied I would have got through. But after studying whatever I could and flunk then remorse would not follow because I did my job. Rather I would think what more I can do even after my dead effort I flunked. And, capitulate to fate which everyone is subjected to and nobody is subjected to  escape from his trap.
Lets see how it goes this time, hope everything goes well. May almighty be generous with me to sail through this exam successfully.


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