Saturday, March 20, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Lecture by a judge of the Supreme Court of India

Today we were privileged to have Justice Burnly in our University to give a talk on very important theme, “The Opportunities and Future Prospects of Law Graduates”. He is presently a judge in the Supreme Court of India. He was accompanied by two judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court.
He briefed how lawyers play a tremendous role in reconstruction of the society and also the importance of legal profession in today’s epoch. He said legal profession has been playing high-flying role since very long time back. He went on to say that all past imminent leaders were lawyers and even many leaders today are rooted from legal profession. Pratima Patel, the President of India, was a lawyer pre to her present post. He named many other leaders who were lawyers.
So he congratulated all students for making the right choice at first place to study the law. But making another choice after graduation is more important, he said. For this, he talked on kind of working environment the lawyers are subjected to in corporate sectors, NGOs, lawfirms, and Judiciary. He being a judge and working under judiciary he narrated encouraging incidences that he has encountered in his last 19 years service in the judiciary. He said unlike in corporate sectors in judiciary the works the judicial officers get to do would not become monotonous for they get to deal new facts every new day. He related this to his friend. Though his friend’s salary was colossal but still then he regretted for joining the company.
Most Indian law graduates prefer to join only in corporate sectors and law firms and they barely prefer to work in the judiciary either because of Judicial Service Exam or peanut salary. At the end of the day what matters is money so doubtlessly main rationale I could conclude for baking off could be definitely because of peanut salary. Same is the case with our Bhutanese Judiciary, peanut salary for judicial officers. Despite this, lawyers still prefer judiciary owing to the fact that Judiciary confers a unique title ‘Dasho with long sword and green scarf’ to every judge right from assistant judge. So more scope to fetch that title in long run if they join judiciary.
 Unlike India in Bhutan despite Judicial Service Act already in place until now we don’t have Judicial Service Exam.  I guess the day is not far for Judicial Exam to be in place but  lets not hope for at least next few years, let my chance come first huh!!!!


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