Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Internship at Paro DIstrict Court-I

Just knowing the location of Ripung dzong and believing the Court is in the dzong I kicked off my first day treading to dzong  from above PCE main gate through PCE on the black paved road embellished the sides with winter icy frost. As I neared the dzong I was little tensed for I might not able to locate judiciary section instantly but fortunately I did not trouble to the extent I had anticipated. With the guard right infront of the dzong no sooner had I entered from the dzong I made out the judiciary section. So I proceeded and as I entered through door I noticed that some staffs gave a quite glance at me. They thought that I was there for litigation as by the time I was there the court was filled with litigants. Without sinking in the crowd of litigants for long I went directly to one staff and asked, “Can I know the Dasho’s chamber la, I’m here for internship? “Sure la” he uttered. And he ushered me to Dasho’s (Bench I) chamber and briefed to Dasho why I was there. Then I introduced myself why I was there and how long I would stay there. Instantly he asked one of the staffs to arrange  the office for me  djacent to another Dasho’s chamber (Bench II). He told me to attend hearings and proceedings daily and I was then sent to the arranged office. From there on my month long battle began.
First day was quite challenging living on my own world hardly knowing any staff properly but on second day Dasho introduced all most all staffs and I was bewildered to notice two of my high school mates working there whom I failed to figure out on the first day. As I headed on with every new day with their presences I came to know all staffs and became so friendly and by the end of my stay I felt like I was regular staff.
 I really loved the way they interact with strangers and treatment rendered to me. They were really helpful and supportive. Hope they would do same to others who may come for internship like me.
Bench Dasho Lugten Dubgyur was quite serious so most of normal proceedings except miscellaneous hearings I attended in Bnench II with Dasho Passang Wangmo. I could raise any doubts I encountered and opinions without any hesitation for she being friendly at least to me.
Despite their busy engagment when i all of sudden declared my last day they did spare some time for the small tea party which was a big surprise to me but unfortunately Dasho Lungten was out of the office. On his absentia others made a point to see off with a smile in my face. With Dasho Passang's golden words of advice they presented a memorable  gift .
No doubt certainly i would cherish through out my life the wonderful moments and days i had  with them.


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