Monday, March 29, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Lecture by AP Governor

Today we had a guest lecture on ‘National Security; The Challenging Paradigm by Shri E.S. L Narasimhan, the governor of Andhra Pradesh. He harangued  on why and how the  national security has become a challenge over the years.
The concept of national security has undergone a drastic change  today. It no more confines to protection of borders from external agression by arm forces, he said.
He went on to mention about allegation of violation of human rights by police on suppression of criminals for larger public interest. He also talked about suspension of human rights during exigency.
He eloquently and spontaneously gave a mind blowing lecture which I felt it was worth attending it. But unfortunately despite this I having sited at the back could not capture all valuable points because of which I’m not able to produce whole thing in detail here, just producing important headings whatever little I could recollect. More over our college three day gala got over yesterday only and that hang over left me quite sleepy throughout the lecture. Still then I enjoyed.


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