Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Lecture on different themes

This semester we are having series of lectures on different issues and today again we had lecture on three different themes, “Globalization of Legal Education and Legal Profession” by Prof. C. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, O.P Jindal Global University and Dean, Jindal Global Law School, “Structural and Substantive Development in the U.S. Supreme Court by Prof. Peter H. Schuck , Professor of Law, Yale Law School, and “Global Research and Internship Programs” by Prof. Jonathan A.Burton-Macleod, Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean(Research) Assistant Director, Centre for Global Governance and Policy.
Since 2009 Prof Raj Kumar has given more than 200 talks on this theme in different law Colleges and Universities all over India. He highlighted the importance of studying the law and possessing the quality legal profession. He said that post independence period most Indians’ option was medicine and engineering and law was given the last option. But legal professionals play immense role in national building and social engineering. Many greater leaders were rooted from legal profession like Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer and many other leaders were lawyers.
The society to be a rule of law society there should have good chunk of legal professionals. To have good chunk of legal professionals people should have interest to study the law and know the law. Having interest itself is not enough if there is dearth of supporting mechanism, so there should be other mechanism like proper and quality law universities and professors in it.
One of the means to ensure quality of legal education is through establishment of National Law Schools beside private law schools. He said, this is a revolutionary step to upgrade the quality which is already in progress and of 913 law schools in India 13 are already National Law Schools.
How many teachers in Law Colleges and Universities are by choice and interest?, he asked. He said that many law teachers are not by choice but they joined teaching because they did not get other jobs. So to ensure quality legal profession and education there should have quality teachers which their option must be by choice and interest not by unemployment compulsion. Further he said that to globalize legal education students should strive to do global research.
Prof. Peter talked on the developments happened to U.S Supreme Court. In process he compared Indian Supreme Court and US Supreme Court. He said that unlike Indian Supreme Court before US Federal Supreme Court there is less number of cases. In US there is Supreme Court in every state (50 State and unlike Indian judges US judges cannot become politician once they resigned.
Prof. Jonathan talked on internship programs offered by his organization. He said interested can apply and experience it. He also shared his experience on various internships he carried out in different countries.


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