Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Farewell to our out going seniors

Whenever people say farewell party I decipher as signal that somebody is moving out of the group temporarily or permanently. Today was our farewell to our seven outgoing seniors. They are the 3rd Bhutanese batch graduating from this University. Though there is another one month for them to graduate but we thought that it is always wise to bid at this time thinking that time wont permit for them to join at eleventh hour as they need to pack up a lot and more over we cannot risk future unforeseen circumstances, so we thought at earliest possible at this time is best move for them as well as to us.
Like it happens in every farewell party, all outgoing seniors were asked to pour out some words on whatever they feel like if they have any. All of them tried their best to do that and they did it. Some of their speeches were quite touching. In return we the juniors also tried our best to say few words. My part is produced below.
Five year is matter of long years and you have travelled a long way on the thorny path and this is the moment for you all to rejoice the reliefs of hardships you all have been through all these days. So for that I would like to solemnly congratulate all of you from my bottom of heart. You all made the way through, that’s all.
This is the 3rd year we have been staying together and in this period deliberately or accidently or inadvertently or by heat of passion I might’ve hurt you with muttering intolerable words or by any other means. As far as my memory is concerned i don’t remember anything. Incase if I had then I beg your forgiveness, Please. Just leave right away, those intolerable words if i have permanently printed in your memory, before you leave from this University. Don’t smuggle it beyond our college gate, so throw away right away. For this I trust you all, you all are law persons.
We have been leaving like a siblings from same flesh and blood and in this sprit you seniors have rendered every needy help to us. You laid you helping hand to us in every needy time and you laid your hands of consolation and pranks in all needy times. We would definitely cherish memorable days and moments we had with you guys. So for all these i thank you all awfully.
And also, hope you guys won’t forget the bond of friendship and principle of brotherhood we shared together .Dont forget to drag the strings of our bond of friendship and principle of brotherhood wherever you go. Remember we are always behind holding from other end of the string .Hope you all would continue this 'as it is' until your doomsday
Once you spread from this group i bet we cannot meet as a group like today as we have our own roles and responsibilities which would definitely keep us busy one way or other. So wherever and whenever we meet hope you guys would figure out us if we meet on the day and recognize our voice if we meet at night
So lastly i with  wholeheartedly wish you tons and tons of luck in whatever you do in the days to come by.


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