Tuesday, August 30, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Five day break ,still to be in the campus only

In every semster, apart from the long breaks we get after the completion of every semester, we get many short breaks  . The number of days differs, sometimes we get as long as 10 days. Sometimes just three to four days. The longest possible days could be, at the most, two weeks. So far we didn’t get beyond two weeks. Notwithstanding the number of days of break, who cares to be in the campus? Even if the break is for two days many look forward for a trip to some hotspots. For some they plan to go home. If I were in Bhutan I would have also loved to go home if my sweet home is nearby the college. But from here two to three days break is barely enough to make even half journey to home. Sadly, during most of the short breaks the only students left in the campus are we the Bhutanese students and few of other foreigners plus few other Indians whose home too are quite far away from the college. Otherwise always only the Bhutanese stuck in the campus only unless we get the months break.
Few of my friends here also hardly stay in the campus. They too go a long trip to different states whenever there is a reasonable break. But for me in the last for years, I did not even try a long trip. I love to visit different places. But what I hate is journey. I simply hate the long journey either by train or bus here. That pulls back my all long trips. But I never missed short trips. I made used of all my short breaks of last four years and I must have visited all most all hotspots in Hyderabad. I have been to the most favorite hotspots in Hyderabad like, Ramoji Flim City, Hussain Sagar where there is a Bhuddha statue surrounded  by lake, Charaminar, Nehru Zoological Park(zoo), and Nagarjuna Sagar(Bhuddhist center). Sometimes during short breaks I go for a movie if I’m free of submissions. The worst part here is our college is 30-35 kilometers away from city because of which some of our seniors did not bother to go to movie theatre in five years even once also. I think my part also I’m rotting in the Hyderabad itself for all five years without having been to any other places in India across Hyderabad.
This time we got five days, from tomorrow until Sunday which is the longest so far in this semester. All are already out of the campus. In addition to so cool atmosphere here because of raining lately every now and then, today campus was so serene and peace with almost all of the students outside. As always again we the Bhutanese students and few of others are only  the ones in the campus. Of 13 Bhutanese students here only five of us left. Others they went for the fest. I’m confident that I can sail through all five days without feeling much bore as long as I have my best friend Mr. Internet.


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