Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | By: CHIMI DORJI

2010-2011 academic year kicks off

Again another grueling  academic year which is the fourth academic year of my degree begins with every professor yelling, ‘welcome to fourth year’. Teachers with smile in their face briefed dos and don’ts in the class and also for the course they teach which according to most of them are non negotiable and have to comply with ‘as is’ sheds from their mouth.

After the long vacation first class seems not much interest and appealing to most of the student as i could see hardly very few are up to the teachers while many are busily engaged in chatting and some freely walks in and out. Following this many teachers let off the class quite early promising to start the normal class from the next day.

With every new academic year and every new semester I aspire to pull up academic grades to maximum possible level, atleast higher than bygone semesters. So, as wishes, hope everything goes well and ends well......

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