Monday, March 18, 2013 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Flipping the pages of Male Dragon Year, 2012

 It’s a spring time now. With buds around maturing to beautiful leaves, chilly wind turning to warm air, and Thimphu’s weather turning to warmer day by day, I can feel the spring time. But for many reasons, I feel it’s not just on my part to get  lost in the beauty of  2013 spring and  keep moving on  forgetting 2012 year without  recording something about it despite the 12012 year being the most memorable year in every way. And more so, my mind would not dare to be in normal peace unless I have some penning on it. 
The 2012 year was a crucial year. I had to graduate first and then give series of civil service exams. It was a turning point for my career.  Doubtless to say I was already worried right from the beginning of the year how far I would be able to end the year well as well as I wanted. I would not have had foreseen the surprise packages that the 2012 year had in store for me but surely I would have prayed  only the peace, happiness and prosperity and not those things that would up set me.  As prayed and wanted I could successfully graduate in time in the end of April and headed to Home. Right after reaching here in Thimphu fortunately I could manage to get one temporary job which otherwise I would have tough time passing time at others home during the day as no matter however best treatment they offer still we feel uncomfortable staying with relatives especially place like in Thimphu.
The time rolled on and soon after the graduation there came a time for registration of RCSC Preliminary Exam and by then already into busy track. On 11th August we wrote Preliminary exam and right after Preliminary exam from 13th  -18th August we attended 2012 graduate orientation Program on the theme ‘Inspiring the young Leaders’ and after orientation on 24th August came out the real thing, the preliminary exam results. Though feared to death that I would not get through but somehow got through. Right after orientation from no where came a surprise, though would not have dreamt in my wildest dreams that I would receive such gift in my life.  I went back to college on 29th August, 2012 to attend 10th convocation held on 2nd September, 2012. I did not have had plan to attend convocation but after all of my friends reached to college for convocation I had to go alone all the way from here as my parents as well as friends insisted me to attend convocation since I was getting a medal on corporate law. I attended the convocation and received a medal and stayed there back in college about a week.  On 6th September I got back to Thimphu and resumed my temporary job. For very this award I had an audience from HRH Azhi Sonam Dechen Wangmo Wangchuk on 13th September, 2012.
Time went by like anything and it was already time for preparation for RCSC Main exam. I prepared about a week and wrote the main exam from 12th -14th October and after exam for that award, on 18th October,2012 with two other female friends, one graduated from Australia and other one from Nagpur, India I had audience from His Excellency, the Education Minister.
After completing Viva Voce and all formalities relating to RCSC Main Exam I went to home for second time (went once before preliminary exam also) in the month of November. I stayed peacefully at home with parents about a month.  Finally our main exam result was declared on 30th November and as hoped I got through with decent grade. Sadly I had to leave home for placements and for the same I left home for Thimphu in the mid of December. I reached to Thimphu and attended placement briefings on 21st December at YDF Hall. Whilst other technical graduates were given placements to kick off their career as civil servants we were given due date (31st January, 2013) for pursuing PG course at RIM. And, with this program as the last program of the 2012 year, without much downs, finally 2012 year ended successfully.
The 2012 Year, despite being known to world over as doomsyear, atleast to me it was one of the best and memorable years ever and for which I owe so much to 2012 year. While I thank with all my heart to 2012 year I also further wish that everything fares well in the year 2013 ………

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