Saturday, December 31, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Happy New Year 2012

Time moves faster than anything else and see now it’s 2012, widely known as a death year for all. Above all I’m happy that at least to me personally 2011 year, a Rabbit year , the year I was born  did not bring any major challenges and problems to my life and health though it brought lots of major natural disasters around the world and particularly to Bhutan. By solar calendar Rabbit Year is gone with New Year already stepped in but by lunar calendar still Rabbit year is going on and barely a month is left to end. But all in all my Rabbit year is already gone. As supposed by some astrologists that especially during the lunar year we were born will have lots of challenges and problems to our life and health but luckily 2011 went well for me without any major problems and challenges to my life and health. No hope is left unfulfilled, no remorse is left either. It’s time to begin with new hopes and aspirations. Here I happily welcome 2012 year.
Unlike most of the bygone new years in the train this time I made to the college on time for New Year which is my last new year away from homeland. I cannot really foresee what 2012 year has in store for me but it’s a crucial year for me. It’s my graduating year and employing year if ever goes well all exams and interviews I’m destined to face with. Realizing these obligations in 2012 whatever I do I’m bound to be and will be  extra vigilant, which is only the resolution I have for this year. I wish everyone a very happy new year. May the year bless you happiness, peace and success.

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