Friday, January 7, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

2011 Iron Female Rabbit Year

It’s already 2011 but seems I’m still in 2010 whenever I’m asked to write the year instantly 2010 comes to my mind and never strikes of 2011 year. Whatever may be we are already in the mid of January and Solar New Year is already over. Unfortunately like last year this year also New Year was in the train. Every nook and cranny around the globe must have surely celebrated with their own way with gamut of activities. Despite we being in train we too tried our best in a little way though we could not as much as we would have,  had we were not in the train. Again Bhutanese lunar new year which is yet to come will be also somewhere away from home only, though it will not be in the train. But I’m sure it’ll be better than in the train. Let’s wait and see which I bet it wont be fun as much as back home no matter however better will be than  in the train.
Of all the most important part is that 2011 Iron Female  Rabbit Year my year. It’s my year I was born in the rabbit year. By solar calendar 2011 is already started but by lunar calendar still we are in Iron Male Tiger Year. With Iron Female  Rabbit Year which is yet to start, just a few weeks away, I’ll be 24 years old. By and large we Buddhist belief that if the lunar year is the year we were born then we need to be very vigilant and cautious. The year will offer loads of threats and obstacles and challenges to our health and life. To forward those unforeseeable threats if ever Rabbit year has in store the only way is to seek the protection of Triple Gem that ‘may the year bless me all peace, happiness and prosperous life of all times’.
As I always do very often or occasionally but not regularly ,  this year  being the year i was born I hope I’ll never forget and leave to pray regularly at least once in a day, if not other prayers atleast  lungtaa regularly.
Happy New Year to All, May the year be the most prosperous year and releases all peace and happiness of all times!!!

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