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It was on 28th April I had my last exam in college and ended my college life. After exam everyone was relieved of academic pressure and excited to go home, but equally they were depressed too, realizing no more they would sit in the same class room and shout and laugh together. That was when all of my classmates who had been together for five long years bided adieu and wished each other all the very best of luck for rest of their life. I too wished them all but in a different way, in a written form through drafting a small Act which is titled as CHIMI’S ADIEU ACT, 2012. Here goes the copy …

                                             CHIMI’S ADIEU ACT, 2012

For the 10th Batch NALSAR, passed in the Room No. 119 of BH-I to be entered into force on the 28th day of April, 2012 at, when CHIMI leaves NALSAR gate, corresponding to the 7th Day of the 3rd Month of Water Male Dragon Year of the Bhutanese Calendar.

Section 1
(i) Chimi means immortal or deathless
(ii) Tashi Delek means Congragulations in Bhutanese Language

Section 2
I offer my heartfelt Tashi Delek or Congratulations to all of you for your successful completion of five year integrated B.A.LL.B (Hons) Course. We did it!

Section 3
It has been really pleasure meeting you guys and studying together for five long years. I shall thank you all for all the support and help in whatever way you guys have rendered in the last five years, mainly the following;

i. For some voluntary taking remedial classes before the exam
ii. For some contributing their painfully written notes in the class
iii. For some doing the service of Xeroxing and distribution
iv. For some making my name known to all in whole NALSAR and reciting every now and then.

Section 4
I shall surely cherish Five years of my life with you guys as one of the best parts of my life. Hope I meet you guys in future, before too long somewhere as following great legal luminaries:
i. Some as next Dhanda Madam(s)
ii. Some as legal or judicial activists
iii. Some as eminent professors
iv. Some as justices and eminent jurists, and so on and so forth…
v. Some as stud corporate lawyers

Section 5
I may not miss those lifeless buildings in NALSAR but definitely I shall miss you people.
So, lastly, wherever you go and whatever you do ahead, I wish you very best of luck guys!

GOOD BYE GUYS!! ............................

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