Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Finally to final academic year

As a toddler when I was well comforted with the cocoon of mother’s lap I would not have ever realized that one day I have to get out of mother’s lap and face all worldly challenges and hardships alike every mankind. When I was always loved, cared and bestowed the greatest affection of all times of everyone in the family on the mother’s lap I would have even thought it that I would be left on mother’s lap forever. As a kid on mother’s lap when I barely knew how to crawl I would have been too young to extend my thinking beyond craving for mother’s milk.  
But once I got out of the mother’s lap and started to walk with perfect balance I was already five years old then. I was no more fit to be on the mother’s back rather I had to make out the way with my two tiny foots no matter wherever and whenever I cried to go with them. So, with age naturally I knew being a human being what all humanly feelings I’m subjected to. All humanly feelings and worldly activities which every mankind is subjected to, held me naturally for being I also human being not different from any other human being. With situation gradually I got to experience all kinds of feeling. The feeling of happiness, anger, desire, eagerness, and so on and so forth.
When I was first ever enrolled as a student in the Primary School reluctantly for first few months my parents had tough time walking together with me every day to and from school which otherwise I would not walk to school no matter however I’m forced or pleased. But after one year of my schooling in the primary school when I got promoted to next class I saw seniors passing out from primary school and going to Junior High School. They used to go to residential school in towns away from their parents. So when I saw them attending different school I felt so eager to complete primary school and attend Junior High School. I always wanted to complete the primary school faster and go to Junior High School then.
 Further, when I reached to Junior High School and Junior High School to High School and High School to College the feeling alike moved on. As such four years down the line when I reached to college and joined as a first year student I could not think off even how could I complete four grueling years and reach in final year. They did not reach to final year in one year but they pulled through all eight semesters’ formalities successfully in four years which consists of all kinds of examinations, assignments and so on, which I found it really weighty and heavy which requires back and brain breaking labor. As if like life long journey I became so hopeless then.
No doubt, I did not envy their seniority or superiority but for sure I envied the privileges they were entitled to. How hard and frustrating was for us to complete five hour class especially in the summer almost in the melting point heat when they walked away just after three hour class. When they were freely engaged back to their rooms after class and walked to class without any tension next day it was very cumbersome for us to fully engaged in preparation in the Library after class and give schedule less exams next day. The list is not exhaustive though but can go on further ……

Today being in it when I look back I do not feel it was four years journey though it has been four years since I joined here. Four years ago as a first year student, beyond losing hope nothing came to my mind. I did not realize that four years would be passed so fast within no time. So, everything is just matter of time. One should have patience and have faith on time which would definitely lead to our destination.
Whatever may be time has come now…After almost a week journey from home by various modes passing through various places, mountains, and plains, with experiencing every adventure that every summer traveler could experience I’m safely back to college from summer vacation. The classes are already in full swing. I could see my friends faces beautifully embellish with smile of relief, happiness, pleasure and so on and so forth for being the final academic year.

 Alike last four academic years hope this final academic year also ends well together with my college life. All the best to everyone for the academic year 2011-2012.

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