Monday, August 15, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

About my identity in face book …

Sometimes I wonder. Had our forefathers had not started a culture of naming a person how it would have been possible to identify and know each other? By what, if not by name? We cannot be known and identified based on our complexions if ever there is no name for us.  There may be so many people with similar complexions and looks. If there is no name, how can I say I have a friend who is in white complexion with short height? How should I identify if I meet another friend of similar looks. Should I say I have another friend in white complexion with short height? How many times ‘another’ I should use if I go on meeting friends of similar looks. No, no, without names it is very difficult.
Hail to our ancestors for installing such a rich culture of naming a person, although the names which they assigned during those olden days were not as good as what we have today. During those days most of persons were named based on the names of objects, trees, places and so on, which we find it quite hilarious. And, most of their names are short unlike today. But thanks, at least they knew it the importance and installed such a rich culture.  If we check out our grandparents’ names we’ll realize how funny it is. I don’t know how far it is true to you folks but if I disclose my parents’ parents names I’m sure you guys would laugh. But I don’t want to disclose here and make you laugh. I feel most of the names what we have today like Sonam, karma, Dorji, etc, might have developed latter only. I don’t see any names which our forefathers used to bear, on today’s kids. Rather, today giving three names has become every parent’s preference. Even I feel naming the domestic animals for identification also as old as naming of human beings.
Getting down to the nitty- gritty, my identity in face book. Like every mankind as soon as I was born I was named. But in the social networking sites I’m not born with my real name. I create my own nick names there. So in social networking sites I’m always born with nick names. It’s not that I hate my real name or I want to do something mischievous hiding my real name under my nick name. I don’t know why, I always like to be in different nick names as if like my hobby. I don’t know who blessed my name. It was not from any of the great Lamas.  Some told me it was given by one of my uncles. Whoever may be the person, I simply love it the kind of name I am given for this life. If ever really mean it the meaning of my first name, immortal, and then everybody would have rushed to be called my first name, Chimi-immortal. Before, in Hi5 I used to be as immortal.
When I was in hi5 as immortal none of my friends questioned me about my nickname. But in face book as Time pass whenever I chatted with new friends for the first time , the first reply I would get would be why time pass? Many asked me, why time pass? Your nick is so funny, some said. For first few minutes I would be  debating on my nick. But I never failed to justify my stand. Face book is my time pass, I used to defend. This justification used to shut the debate absolutely.
When I signed up in the face book it suddenly came into my mind and I started my membership as Time pass then. With this nickname as my identity there and with my profile picture in long hair, I sent friend request to many of my old friends. Some did not even figure out that timepass was me. So, some of them even rejected my request. Some randomly accepted my friend request without knowing timepass was me. When I said ‘hi’, some of them replied, who are you? Even my old school mates did not figure out timepass was me. Subsequently I changed my nick to my real name and again sent the friend request. That was better all of them knew it. I think some of my friends might have seen another time pass after I changed my nick to real name, so they accused me of having two accounts. Don’t fool me? What a blow from some of my friends. I had tough time convincing them that I ‘have only one account and I’m no more ‘Time pass’.
After adding all of my friends ,again I changed my identity back to Time pass. This time it was better. Everybody knew it I’m time pass. But, recently I wished one of my class mates here on her birth day, after few days she commented, no chimi, don’t change your name…It seems she had tough time figuring out time pass.
I think my nickname cracked enough heads. It is enough now. Being in false name in the social networking sites seems not a good practice. I have learnt enough now. Other than disadvantages I did not have any benefits being in false name. I got to lift my bad habit as soon as my browser works…..


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