Friday, August 26, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Changes in the class

Four years ago, as first years, everyone
Was, excited, eager, and longed to experience,
A new beginning of their life, the college life,
Everything in college, no matter whether
In an academic, or in non academic.

 Everyone would walk to class on time,
With all necessary requirements for class
Professors would talk more on subject and
Less on class discipline, less yelling of ‘shut up / silence’
 Students would listen more and ask more questions
Less chats and less walking in and out
In between the lecture, for they didn’t have
The full knowledge of Professors’ real
Nature, and also fear of scolding

 As years roll by, students move to the higher classes
By the time they reach to final year they know
Everything about professors, course, about University,
And so on. Some even get employed
Everybody gets fed up being in the college with
Endless exams and assignments
Everyone just wants to get ended soon
Everyone would walk to class late, some with novels
Some with newspapers, some with empty hands
Forget about the note book, even without a pen
Everybody keeps on bagging for free class
Professors,forced to talk more on discipline than on subject
Students, like more to chat than listen on subject

 No matter how bad may be the class environment
Professors are bond to do their duty
Students rate the professors’ performance
Find poor performance, repercussion followed
Professors evaluate the students performance
Find poor performance, no repercussions followed
Left to student solely, still building their education
But professors, building their career, poor
Performance, if ever rated by students, threat
To their development of career.

 As professors go on penalizing the students,
Giving absents, they go on with their lectures too.
No matter what happens, no matter how many listens
No matter even if there is a few who listens, they go on …..
Bhutanese students may not possess a great intellectual
Like Indian mates, but when it comes to discipline,
Never fail to impress the professors!!!!


Anonymous said...

True! Nice one bro. Keep posting...

chimi Dorji said...

thx bro, for ur time on this...

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