Thursday, August 11, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Oversleep nearly cost my first hour class attendance….

Yesterday the day was off. No classes. I had a tough time running here and there unable to end off the day very easily. I slept quite early thinking that I have class today. Otherwise if I don’t have class the next day I never sleep early. Sometimes I really become kind of an insomniac. One way or other, I’m always kept engaged after dinner. Sometimes on movie. Sometimes on other activities which holds my sleep as long as up to Sometimes up to 3 a.m also.
I timed my alarm on my mobile at as usual and i slept. My class starts from If I’m able to get up on time when alarm beeps then I get one hour for everything I need to do before the class begins, right from readying for the class, to taking the breakfast and walking to the class. One hour, I find it considerable time for everything I need to do before class begins, that’s how I have been up to all these days.
 I remember, this morning when I heard my alarm buzzing so loudly behind my ear I then and there stopped it. It was disturbing although I knew it I have class. I stopped it for I wanted to sleep little more about five minutes and get up. But my five minutes was  almost an hour. Because of those shit dreams I must have overslept. I was dreaming about something interesting which I’m not able to recall exactly what interesting thing I was dreaming. That interesting dream suddenly shook my sleep and I was made to wake up. I checked out the time. It was already By then the class would have been already started. I rushed for everything then. I hastily brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dashed for the class then. Sadly I had to sacrifice my breakfast. Since I was late I wished first hour was not that adamant lecturer’s class who never lets inside once she got inside the class. Once she is inside the class she would seal the door for not entertaining the late comers. Sometimes when she is in good mood she may open it otherwise very rare.  
 Unfortunately it was her class. By the time I reached there the door was already sealed. A girl was standing in front of the class knocking the door. I smiled at her and asked, “isn’t she opening, No, I have been knocking about five times now, can you knock it, please, she replied requesting me to knock the door. But I was not moved rather I encouraged her. ‘Keep on knocking she will open’, I encouraged her. Again she knocked it but this time quite hardly. Yeah, knocking hardly made a difference. She slowly opened the door and said, who all are there, get in. . Two of us went inside then.The moment I stepped into the class, whole class started yelling at me, Chimi, for seeing me coming late for the first time. Normally I go to class on time. Even if I go late, at least not as late as I was today. Fortunatelyt today  my   oversleep  coincided with  her good mood.  I got attendance despite I was late. Henceforth,I’ll time many alarms!!!!!!!!!


Anu said...

Hi Chimi,

I am also Nocturnal like you :) sometimes I stay awake till 6 in the morning and sleep whole day bunking the class. Unlike you I am late every day and because of that I have to sit in first bench. Good that you got attendance though you are late. All the best with time-ing your alarm....Nice narration

Anu :)

Chimi Dorji said...

Anu thanks for dropping by and reading.... She was in good mood that day which safe my luck otherwise i would have lost my attendance....

Sangay Pelzang said...

It was really nice going through your blog.
...haha morning classes difficult.

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