Sunday, August 7, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

For surprise test : Wishing you all brothers and sisters a very best of luck..

Save all others, when it comes to examinations I feel we are on the same track and will be ‘as is’ always. As long as our life goes examinations will never leave us, it will go on. Today I’m out of surprise exams but I don’t know how many other exams are in queue waiting for me until my doomsday. Had my surprise exam ended all my examinations in life that would have given me an enough reason to rejoice my pride, happiness, and freedom from exams. Otherwise just an end of surprise exam is too less for me to exhibit my happiness in front of you guys and say ‘I don’t have surprise exam, as if it ended all my exams in life, when you guys are toiling so hard.
When I recall the days the surprise exams tortured me and realizes that these days same hardship and challenges you guys are living with, I feel my head becoming heavy seeing you guys in this condition. When we are made  to  study all subjects in tandem just for one paper the  next day , I know how difficult it is. It really sucks. But I don’t know for what good rationale they introduced such an exam. When the Professor walked to the class seemingly with question papers but without it, instead with their laptops wrapped with a paper normally used for wrapping the question papers only to surprise us,  that was really irritating. When they kept the exam pending for many days, how torturing was it to study everyday only to find next day no exam. But at least this won’t happen to you guys. Your exams will get over in a week unlike our time.
What the hell we’ve tomorrow?, we used to cuss a lot . I guess you must be doing the same. There were times where I wished I had special goggles to read examination convener’s mind, which paper he was planning to give us the next day. We drew lots to decide which subject we were getting the next day. We went on for prediction. We listened to others saying that, tomorrow we have so and so subject. We also listened to others’ predication, but, sadly, none of these worked. The next day when we got the opposite subject, we had to write it, no option, because of which many times our marks landed in ones and twos. At the end of the day the victim is not ‘others’ but ‘we’ who has listened to others’ predictions. So, never listen to others. Always adhere to preparation of all subjects in tandem, no matter however hard it is. I know how hard it is, still then. That is the only possible way to crush this exam which I had been up to for all the surprise exams, doing justice to myself and if it still does not work, that is when I surrender to fate for consolation. The best part of this exam is that you’ll suffer only for the first paper. After the first paper, for the succeeding papers you do not need to study that much as you have already studied ‘all subjects in tandem’ for the first paper. By this time I’m sure you guys must be ready to face any subject. I see loads and loads of potential in you guys. You guys can do it.. ‘WISH YOU A VERY BEST OF LUCK’. May god be with you to help you sail through your exam successfully and confidently..


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