Friday, August 19, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Next week is never coming....

I know very well why I’ m here in the foreign land, miles and miles away from home land.  I’m here only for one purpose, to study.  But am'I always up to what am'I supposed to? Why am’I here? Sometimes I ask myself.
It’s been almost two months since I joined for this semester but what did I do in two months? Did I try doing something related to any of my assignments? I try to recollect but no I have not done yet anything in two months. By this time I’m supposed to complete at least one assignment, if not alteast I should be somewhere halfway. I see on my table many topics lying as is allotted. Nothing has done yet but I see due dates are approaching. I know I’ll feel like dying when I need to work on all assignments in tandem. Still then I’m so relax. My conscience still does not prick me to be on work.
I remember the days back in High School where I used to rush to do homework as soon as teacher assigned. After completing all homework only I used to relax. Even I used to work on during intervals and lunch breaks thinking that I may not complete it on time. One thing that prompted working on homework could have been because of fear of teachers. If we are found in the class without completing homework then we used to get sometimes slap. Sometimes terrible scolding. But in college it’s just topsy-turvy. I relax first and then go for working in the last minute. Even for exam I do not feel like studying until few days before. Back to High School i used to start studying at least one month before. Working beforehand never enters my mind. It may not be because of all these some dub college life as golden life.
Sometimes a day goes off simply doing nothing. Sometimes when afternoon nap takes away few hours of my day I just remorse that I should have not taken rather I should have done something instead. But next day after heavy lunch again it automatically comes. After dinner again feeling sleepy always. Sometimes social networking sites take away the whole day. So day goes off doing nothing fruitful. I kept on postponing to next week and when next week came again postponing to next week. But next week is never coming; it’s been two months now. High time to take long breathe and realize the purpose of being here in the foreign land, leaving behind my sweet home and my beautiful country ever......


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