Saturday, February 26, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Again guest lecture

Today’s lecture was on Criminal justice in India by Justice J. Chelameswar, the former Chief Justice of Gouhati High Court, former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court and present Chief Justice of Kerela High Court. In India every year crime rate is escalating higher and higher but why criminal justice is deteriorating? Why more acquittals and why less convictions? For this he pointed our number of deficiencies in the concerned agencies like investigating agencies, officers and so on.
According to him lack of advanced method of investigation and still following the out dated method of investigation by investigating officers and investigating agencies. Another one is lack of officer’s enough specialization and qualified skill on their job like in investigations.
He said that another reason for low rate of conviction could be because of liberal pardoning power which most of the time are diluted by politics. Further he also said that lack of faith on judiciary by the people at large. People want every suspect to be convicted but they don’t realize repercussions behind if every suspect is going to be convicted. They also don’t know that suspect can be convicted only the evidence produced before the court proved beyond all reasonable doubt. He cited various examples how people react if suspects are let free. He said that most prosecutors lack skill and their appointment most of the time are political orientated rather than a skill and knowledge oriented.
Finally he concluded with pointing out some defects in sentencing after conviction. He said most of other countries life imprisonment means for life but in Indian life imprisonment in theory is for life but in practice maximum term is fourteen years which most of time convicts rarely gets even maximum terms of fourteen years. So this is also a contributing factor for going up the scale of crime rate, he said.


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