Sunday, February 17, 2013 | By: CHIMI DORJI

On the second snowfall day

The view of RIM Campus from the Highway above.

When there was a first snowfall of this winter in Thimphu about a month back there were only few places that could turn to white and remain whitely for sometime. Other than mountains only passes could have remained white with snow for days otherwise the places in Thimphu were hardly seen white despite there was snowfall for few hours in that morning. The first snowfall was not that heavy and there was barely heaped on the ground enough to build toys and play.  It was just a light snowfall enough to get holiday then. But this time, second snowfall, how heavy it was!  How much happy the people in Thimphu are! And with snow cover all over Thimphu, how beautiful it looks. It’s really amazing and most of the people might have felt they were in one of places in RUSSIA or some other countries. The second snow fall was really heavy. It could be one of the heaviest of all the recent winters.
It started snowing right from yesterday midnight but could not notice clearly as it was dark and more so by then I was already dozed off. Unlike other days, despite being the weekend I was woken quite early with yelling of my friends around that there was  snow outside. They were right I could see snowflakes still falling and RIM campus already covered with heavy snowfall. Abruptly, I rushed for breakfast and after having breakfast I dressed up with warm clothes headed to RIM football ground with two of my friends. We stayed there for some time walking around and hitting each other with snow. Since it was neither snowing nor raining we decided to go further. There was hardly any cabs plying, three of us decided to walk to the town.
It was cold morning but beautiful scene everywhere covered with snow. Three of us intoxicated with beauty of the snow cover we continued walking along the road. When we reached to Luntenphug, suddenly huge rolled snow flakes strike in front of us and it nearly hit us. We raised our eye lids and looked up. Oh God! People from all ages were just standing above the road in queue facing down to road holding hard snow balls waiting to throw to passers by. They kept on throwing and we could not do anything. Had we known they were standing there we could have come with hard snowballs  but we were already late.  Had we bent and picked up the snow flakes they would have hit as much as they could and picking up the stones would have been lot easier but that would have been too much. So defending with our two hands on side we ran as fast as we could. Amidst running we looked up if their queue was crossed but what the hell still their queue was not yet crossed. We ran on and on.  Sigh! We crossed their queue and finally we could past them, Of course with so many hits on our back. But what an unfortunates day it was, we should have not have walked. Right after crossing the queue above the road, there was another group of people along the road with snow balls. There we did not surrender but we too reacted back with hard rolled snow flakes. Since we were only three of us we could not compete with them. Fortunately one taxi came by and we stopped the taxi, boarded into and went to the town. How crazy are the people!..They were even throwing to the taxi.  Once we were into the taxi we were relieved of all those cold and hard rolled snow flakes hitting on our backs. But in the town also we could see many groups hitting each other but since we were in the taxi we were escaped.
As much as people were excited to have snowfall equally there was risky too. I could see owing to heavy snowfall trees have fallen on the road and even branches of the trees in so many places have fallen  down to the road. More over even buses and cars were out of the way and some were already into the drain. Whatever we enjoyed our walk, the snow, and of course hitting the people along the road. Hope with snow comes peace, happiness and prosperity.


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