Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Class in every last class of the day

In our University every day we have five hours of class. But fortunately sometimes classes get cancelled for guest lecturers for which they make mandatory attendance but compare to class little scope for bunking and even we attend also we find it more refreshing than lectures in the class from monotonous professors as most of the guest lectures are on interesting issues beyond our course..

First hour class starts from 9am and at this hour all students would be found so much attentive. So as classes go on proceeding further until last hour many would be found exhausted and by the time it’s fifth hour all would ask, who is coming in fifth hour? Which means almost all of them are exhausted and don’t feel like listening the lecture. What all they wanted is leave early and enjoy lunch. The moment they see professor coming they start yelling, free period sir!. Some promise to leave early while some does not care at all. They want to leave only on time not early no matter however loud students yell.
If the professor is quite lenient then they won’t let him teach also students go on yelling, sir lets go’ . Sometimes professors lose patience and attempt to admonish also but nobody cares as students already know everything about Professor still they go on talking and yelling. If they have special lunch on that day then they go on naming the menu and alerting other batches who were let off early would empty it…They go on reasoning this that ma blah blah…….
No professor leaves as early as half an hour before. At the most professors leave just ten minutes before. While for some professor they leave only five minutes before the actual time. However, we no more have to yell for letting off early. In triples of months we would be in final year which has only three hours of class. Just matter of patience for sometime then we keep our fingers crossed and enjoy early lunch everyday……………….


FaysaL said...

Quite a great daily life experience. Where do you studying ?

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