Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

Heavenly Feeling on the Earth

After swigging the gallons of ara or bangchang or singchang or beer or whatever the brand of the drinks, as the case may be, with its effect it’s for sure people change. Except few, many behave differently in inebriated state. No matter how they are in sober but their normality fades away in inebriated state. Some would talk too much; some would become tight-lipped, some would go on acting what not things and so on and so forth. But why the hell the same person acts differently in inebriated sate? Why can’t he retain his normality? I kept on wondering until I tried myself and almost drowned in the very tempting brands of drinks.
Back in the village I remember a decade ago when I went to reach a drunkard old man to his house he told me when he drinks he could feel so peaceful and also sense the feeling of as if walking on the air. So he said, kota you should try once, not too much but few cups, let’s drink when we reach to my house. No I don’t like, I opposed. I knew how he would react to his wife after reaching home. His feeling of so peaceful was source of looking for reasons to torture his wife and kids. That time I was too young to taste it. Never thought I would also one day experience that heavenly feeling on earth.
Do you drink?, college life dude.. Drink..get high , my Indian friend insisted. No I don’t drink I don’t want to drink you guys drink it, there again I opposed. Let’s go party dude, today you should drink it, you will have tough time to pull through even one hour party if you don’t drink, again they wanted to me to drink. Should I taste it? I thought. No guys, I turned down their offer.
There came a day then. It was again a party. This time I was all set to taste it once. Yes, I did it, I tasted and went beyond the mere taste also . Being first time I could feel the very feeling that old man shared to me a decade ago. More and more brands I tried different types of feelings I could sense it. I could feel so heavenly, so peaceful. I could feel as if I’m the only one in this world. So heavy was my head and while walking I felt like fluttering and treading on the air. I could not sense my two foots were on earth, my gait swapped abruptly then. So audacious I was unlike ever other times,. The every word of others was like a bit of venom to me. All I was in was in search of reasons to jeer and fuss. Also, I felt like using only slangs of different dialects instead of those pleasing words.So drunk I was. I was already in inebriated state perverted from normality then.
Next day I did not remember how I came to my room and what all I did on other night. All I saw was that together with my belongings I was floating on the pool of reeking puke. I tried to wake up but no I could not. I felt as if I would die then and there. So severe was headache. I could not raise my head even. I did not feel like taking anything then. What a hangover!!!.I only felt like puking. So, without having anything I landed up puking and puking. For some time I puked solidly and after that liquidly and after some nothing was coming out. Dead hang over. A day was too less to get rid of hang over. When I had almost a dead hangover I regretted a lot despite being the very first time to it why I had gone beyond limit taking almost dozen of pegs of hard drinks. I drank it not those tempting brands drank me. It was I who injected pain, so to me it was an intentional self inflicted pain of such a torturing capacity for days which was preventable. Yes, that hangover deterred me to have another heavenly feeling on earth. Until now it was my first and last booze.


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