Friday, March 25, 2011 | By: CHIMI DORJI

My patient Lecturer

Tse ..ring..tse ring.., an electric bell beeps after fifteen minutes of break for Drafting and Conveyancing class. Who cares the bell? Majority seems acting deaf, nobody gives a dam shit to it which we were actually mandated to heed it for he being the king of all timings in the University. As far as timing goes he controls all students and all professors right from Vice Chancellor. All knows whose class it is. If its some other professors' class who are the men of manners and disciple and  also never fond of accepting any kind of justification no matter genuine or fake for late coming to give attendance, surely nobody would dare to hang outside even after bell. Then beeping of bell would have been like roaring of tiger. No sooner did they hear the beeping of bell then they would have walked into the class then and there.
Despite the bell still majority of students comfortably hangs out outside jeering, giggling, chatting and so on and so forth, though the lecturer is yet to come. There he walks to class with attendance register and a plastic file in it few scribbled A4size papers definitely notes for his lecture which he holds straight with his left hand in attention position like an army holding the rifle straight to their body and his left hand would be straight to his body in attention position. With his back straight which he rarely bends while walking for which he is sometimes known to some students as bullet, like a shooting bullet he enters into the class and rests before the class.
Sometimes he takes attendance before he begins his lecture but sometimes he takes attendance at the end of his class. To his dismay if he takes attendance before he begins his lecture then he would find only few students at the end of period many would be found bunking his class after attendance. So, given the safer time for attendance at the end most of the time he takes attendance at the end of the class. Above all he is a patient teacher. Drafting and Conveyancing is a course which would not provoke the interest of any interested student to heed it irrespective of whoever teaches in whatever or whichever way. It ‘s completely dry and boring course which consists of formats of various legal documents which does not require that much deep explanation fathomable even if we read ourselves, although it is quite important in practical life for drafting all kinds of legal documents.
He seems to have slogged a lot for his lecture no matter however dry the course seems. He would hold his notes with his left hand and as he speaks he gestures from his right hand. While reading and explaining the formats it seems he is reading from his notes but no he has eaten everything in verbatim he hardly refers his notes. But who cares? No one listens; some instead of facing to him faces back and in groups keep chatting, some reads newspaper, some sleeps and so on, not a single student listens his class. Even if he alerts only for few minutes they would listen again resume their private business in the class. But he never fails to proceed with his duty he goes on proceeding further with his lecture. He has patience but that patience surely would have limit though until now he has not lost his patience to the extent of roaring and giving up our class for ever. But sometimes he goes to the extent of cautioning that course seems very simple but in reality we all would face problem while drafting legal documents.
If this is the class scenario in the Bhutan I can’t imagine what would happen to our Bhutanese lecturers. Though corporal punishment is banned still then I don’t think our Bhutanese lecturers would be that patient to tolerate such kind of class environment, no doubt they would impatiently take action. But like my Indian friends I don’t think Bhutanese students would dare to go to that extent in the class ignoring the lecturer as we always respect to our teachers and I’m sure the bare minimum manner is inherent quality of every Bhutanese folk. So here too when it comes to discipline and respect for teachers we Bhutanese folks never fail to impress our Professors. But Pity on my patient lecturer!!!


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